Wrapping up this chapter to embark on a new journey with some boardomatics, 🎥 These past six weeks have been an eye-opener. One thing stands out: the luxury of having someone dedicated to watching over your work – a rare treat for a board artist. 🙌 I've been preaching about the importance of mentorship, especially when it comes to dissecting each shot. Transitioning from live action boards, I often felt like I was stumbling in the dark, unsure of the purpose behind certain shots. But @bigscreenboards @drawingamerica "Dynamic Storyboaring Class" has been a revelation, offering insights into the minds of directors, editors, and cinematographers. Excited to apply these lessons soon! 💡 And as if that wasn't enough, we had the honor of chatting with the legendary @spirorazato in our final class. 🌟 #Storyboarding #LearningJourney #MentorshipMatters #FilmIndustry"

April 8, 2024